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Flash Fire

Her once dormant and quite mood

had been officially lit with flame

that cute demure thing you do,

has to change, tonight please.

I’ve totally lit the flame

there is a real cause for concern

there is this flash fire

that will be here soon.

I’m here to reinforce the details

get back up on your feet

there’s a situation

just outside your bedroom.

I certainly did not intend

to start an inferno

I had no idea

the amount of baggage

you’d been hoarding.

I can help buy new stuff

if we’re to survive

we’ll need to get moving.

I pause for a second

stare at you there

perhaps this is your wish

to simply lay here

and be consumed in flame.

I’m here to remind you

The Phoenix from flame

by instinct she has no choice,

she must rise!

If we’re to survive this,

we’re going to need

your dark and cunning side

because I’ve blocked all exits

you’ll need to fight to safe us.

Please hurry up,

I’m here begging

there are more words to write,

I’m not quite done

with all my poetry.

Oh let me count the ways,

on this, a chilly February night

the heat is all consuming

I can see the flames dancing

windows are being bombed out.

I need your hand please

to help guide me

through this fucked up world,

just tell me your plan.

I promise to obey

each word in exact detail,

because tonight cannot be

the flash fire

to us ending.

The images of war from the Ukraine are heartbreaking. I hope people are finding safe places tonight. #Thoughts/Prayers

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