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Devoted Devotee

Devoted Devotee
Wishing that my lips
could replace
the rim of that glass.
Missing the first sips
of love’s drunkenness
means forgetting
things have stopped getting done.
I’ll keep silent and to myself
I’ll try not to love,
instead, I’ll keep busy
putting ice cubes on plants
that obviously belong
somewhere out in the tropical forest.
Instructed and told how to behave
I’ll be sure not to cause
any undo attention
a stoic state
quietly keeping an already clean room
spotless from any mistakes.
Each time,
when time slows
there are questions
that have an easy set of answers
that are hard to question.
Good love,
in a digital mixed music stream
that’s easy to understand
being the devoted devotee.
It’s unmistakable
unable to forget,
just exactly how it feels
that tomorrow is brand new.
In the midst of a torrential downpour
the words rain heavily down.
I’d kindly let you crawl
up and all over me
to get to where you need to be.
Don’t worry about the marks

I simply want to love
the devoted one
who hasn’t slept in years now.
Collide with a new set of pictures
my devoted devotee
given strictly to one,
to me.


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