With the clearest

blue skies possible,

today reminded me

of a time inside.

There are trigger memories

impossible to forget

they really ever happened.

Inside a butterfly habitat,

an all glass greenhouse

incredible beauty,

where time slowed.

We paused,

to let our eyes catch up

to the soft floating gems,

as they landed on shoulders.

These glistening creatures

seemed lost in flight

gentle fragile figures,

their deep colors make you smile.

The memory trigger as our guide

I’d love to teach you

how to touch a set of hours

that are hands off.

Touching in a different way

now that we know

certain memories

will never fade.

I’d kiss you longer,

take your hand

and show you a world.

The truth in today

were the deep blue skies.

I want to lay under them

on a blanket and read

the easy simple things

often taken for granted.

This adventurous whim

it’s easy to capture

an absurd amount of pictures.

I’d love looking at

what caught your eye,

always so different.

Come tomorrow,

it’s supposed to rain

muddying the deepest

bluest sky ever.

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