Star Trident

The temperature rise is a risk,

they’ll hear you coming

through walls that are

perpetually thin.

Tonight the stars will align

its time to open the doors again,

for as long as one can remember

that open door has been your truth.

That wait weighs more than words

with each new passing day

triggers force the expectation to grow

few could manage the pressure here.

For some, they have walked away

the puzzle is too much to figure out.

Right from the start

anticipation builds

in the corner of the room

there sits the sacred book

for once the answers revealed.

You’re that close, but still,

few have ever had the privilege

to conquer the steps.

Yesterday you were handed beauty

told to keep things

guarded and to yourself.

Yesterday, the apple was bit

you spoke and revealed the book

the contents secrets revealed,

is it any wonder why

you’re on the outside today.

Outside that door again,

looking inward

has never been

one of your favorable strengths.

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