In The Good and Evil

The balance between dark and light

wholeheartedly lands on a knife

that deceptive edge has two sides.

One side can create perfection

the other can cause immense pain.

Our decisions to our daily choices

can have profound affects and effects both.

In order to the see good or bad in things

one must accept certain beliefs.

A gentle hand extends in both directions

there are neither hot nor cold attitudes

one must see the world

from their own perspectives.

Tip and throw over the jars

the 9 Muses must tiptoe across the floor,

a floor covered in shards.

From the large to the tiniest of pieces

the glass from jars is strewn

on an already swept floor.

There are universal temptations

that all of us share, from the taking

of a lover’s stare to the peace in prayer.

There are early writings

that blindly influence our lives,

just as a rising and falling bright globe

has trapped us to adore the sun,

most ignore the price for our admirations.

To be infamous from beyond the wall

one could speak volumes from memoirs

guided by a heavenly voice

coming allegedly from the ground.

The conduit between the light below

and the dark overhead

certainly someone has garnered our attention.

While behind the scenes of this great play

I have witnessed life,

with all of its shimmers and rewards

brought here to entice your decision

between both sides of this path

between the good and evil.

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