Bad posture and miracles

it’s satisfying to finally get my turn

oh to be the narcissist

starting everything with I, Me or My.

It’s about time I fell in line

and ended things with my lover

I’m tired of thinking that

just about anything can be fixed

if given the right time and attention.

I’m about to rip my lover from my side,

inside, it’s just not working at this time.

My tough side can be the bad guy,

time is terrific now because

my memory has stopped recording.

For centuries now,

I’ve fought with myself

to come full circle

in order to turn around to see,

I still love her even more.

Around and around,

it’s been my drug-fueled addictions

keeping me locked up here.

It’s time to seize the day

it’s super quiet and I’m thinking clearly.

Maybe it’s useless to try tonight,

I can’t imagine why

I’m going to shove my lover aside,

maybe I’ll say baby,

she’ll beg me and pull me right back in,

I’m being selfish yet again.

In all honesty, I’m here because

I can’t be alone and by myself.

Maybe, instead of baby

I will not be a coward

and simply put an end

to what’s been stopping me

all along.

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