Sorrows Hand

Tripping over the last time

I felt you loved me,

the neon glow inside

doesn’t quite work

how it used to when

your quiet footfalls

walked alongside me.

I don’t mind if we

could be like

how we used to be.

There’s something safe about

knowing what I don’t.

I turn to see if it’s true and real

you spinning a room

in dizzying circles.

All over and around me

I fall backwards,

to your bed that has always caught me.

Tepidly ignored

for the first real time tonight

my place is not next to you and yours.

I turn to the one quiet place,

that little nearby church

with the well traveled steps.

I hope you’re happy now

I’m here to confess

I’m a perfect stranger to you.

Bless me if

it’s been a while since

I’ve been in this place

confessing to the truth

that lies inside me now.

The irony here

I swear I’ve never felt this other way,

the upside down pushed away

size of it all.

I have to believe

that holding sorrows hand

is the best thing for now.

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