My Friend Died Today

Tonight the skies went quiet,
pandemic’s grasp came swiftly
my friend died today
a victim to Covid.19.
For the first real time,
this pandemic,
sits at my doorstep.
Uncomfortable cannot describe
this feeling of unsettled panic
like there’s still more
of a score to settle.
“Want not, waste not.”
something my friend would say,
perhaps my dose of reality.
Down on worshiping fists
prayers have gone unanswered
but still, I have one request
please don’t take his grieving widow
diagnosed as well.
She has a chance to recover
allow her to celebrate his life.
Only yesterday,
we were strangers, Covid19
you and your swift moving grasp
taking whomever you wish.
Everything happens by chance or reason
neither of them ever cared about you,
never worrying,
about a mask or protection.
If today marks our new horizon,
a world that’s now turned upside down
I am here to accept your challenge.
yes, we took the first painful blow,
eventually, we will be on top
our skin will take on a bronzed glow.
The healthy will fight this battle
some will ask, why them?
After years of this seasonal damage
only then can we answer
who actually won this battle.
I’m afraid in the end though
both sides will grieve
for their losses.
Rest in peace Ben
know that you are loved.

4 responses to “My Friend Died Today”

  1. Thank you. The odd thing was that he was managing the Covid illness. Monday this week he woke up and couldn’t breathe. Massive heart attack and gone. It’s been a sad day. Washed hands


  2. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Death is never easy to accept, as it seems never to rest these days. My his wife recover, indeed to celebrate his and their life. I offer condolences and prayers. Take solace in the joyful moments you shared together.

    Always with love and friendship, Lydia

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