The Start of Something

With an outstretched voice

typed out on this screen,

please don’t take offense

if I swipe left.

There’s something

about everyone

making them worth

being swiped right.

I may not feel this culture

stumbling around the room

going from conversation,

to conversation,

being judged

by questions

I’d never ask.

Still, I can’t help but consider

is this start of something?

All of this

might turn out to be nothing more

than something

all together different.

Let this writing be the start

the start of something pretty perhaps.

Just imagine if you will

all the handsome circles

we’d become a part of

with ridiculous amounts of money

getting us into places.

I can only think of

the one private part

where we secretly hook up.

Who’s to say

who’d want to jump first?

I’d let you start

without first asking

for a photograph.

My poetry

will have to be the source

where you choose

to stand

or jump with me.

All of this might be nonsense,

but to that one,

this could be

our crazy start.

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