Time Travel

Against a wall
we are burdened in heavy thoughts.
Still, one of us
has to be reminded how to love.
Yesterday when we sat atop the news
we spent hours trying to talk,
quietly, the words never came
we inspected the images in silence.
Today we face the news
we stare at our beloved everlasting
nothing we decide makes any sense
we’ll simply steer directly into the wall.
Failure weighs in all of us,
yes, we’re all to blame
for we’ve forgotten sorrow’s sharp blade.
Memories can cut deeply,
they should be locked up
and stored safely away
I already miss her,
today we add another layer
another cut to the wound
on top of a scar that all this while
never had a proper chance to heal.
Perhaps tomorrow
we will time travel
and act like none of this was real.
Pick a new time and start over
and simply choose
who we want to tell.

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