She Swears

Time and attention she swore,
she always swears when serious.
She wants nothing more
than a perfect relationship.
A union where,
one is simply allowed to please,
the other has firm control.
Her gift is to be the pleaser,
it’s a rush and the biggest thrill
of course, she swears
both have to agree to conform.
She’s mostly misunderstood,
unless you’re the fortunate one
to be the one who waited.
She loves being called the “girl.”
On a day when words are so sensitive,
being equal isn’t always better,
she swears she can’t or won’t conform.
Both sides have their positive roles
she’ll bend for the proper hand.
Her way goes against the norm,
the joy of being submissive
after all, she begged for the lessons
she’s absolutely drawn to thought
to the intellectual hammer
soft and sensitive enlightenment.
These things were in her all along
her absolutely beautiful thorn
quietly hidden behind the back,
she was asked to hand over her palm
she reluctantly exposed a fist.
Slowly and over time
her thorn is her greatest strength now,
polished and perfectly balanced
time and attention she swore.

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