Violet’s Wanting

With a heavy handed voice
coming softly of course,
the girl repeated her command.
I have come all this way
without shoes or protective layer,
who amongst you speaks my language?
With eyes so cleverly disguised
she watched the crowd intently,
to see who would step forward.
From there in the dead center,
she could hear their song,
eyes turned at the intrusion
his words slightly above a whisper.
In that blessed moment
Violet waived the others away,
allowing his voice
to be the only reasonable sound.
Violet stood over her beloved
the poet and his lyrical words
there with his ink-stained fingers
she smiled at the sight of him.
In lock step with each other
Violet simply offered a kiss,
against a thousand blinks and sighs
he bent gently forward
kissing the tip of her nose.
Violet wanted more of him,
oh the hours she’d spent with him
in the dark recesses in her mind.
She looked back at him,
surprised by his playful kiss
and with that little shy grin
she whispered just to him
“Come find me,
when you’re ready to…”
And just like that,
Violet stormed blissfully away
wishing her poet
would come and follow.

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