A temporary machine-like feeling
pulses throughout the body,
strong and everlasting.
These mechanical positions
void of all imagination
I just want to bend,
to be flexible again,
twisted and or contorted,
by the hands of my lover.
An all too sensitive girl,
afraid I might break
if I were put under
any undo pressure.
We switch positions,
just so I can show her
temperamental control.
Woah, I didn’t expect her
to love the pressure so,
more, squeeze harder, please.
Funny, she’s starting to use
certain trigger words
she must have read
on the back of one of those,
smut magazines.
I can’t believe, what I’m seeing,
the once demure girl,
has to wear, skin tight leather
in order to feel.
It’s a new day,
short bursts of electricity
fill our once dull room.
I seriously cannot wait
to see just how far
the girl will go tonight,
when she’s the one
in total control.

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