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A classy look for sure,

she knows how to make me turn

accidentally handing over photographs

pulling on every ounce in me,

she loves watching my reaction

when my eyes light up

seeing this true side in her.

This is where all this began

between a soft and hard edge,

standing perfectly still,

counting the minutes in hours

memorizing how it felt

to be held in her arms.

She truly doesn’t mind

if you press hard into her,

just as long as you control

that sensitive side of yours.

I try and avoid the very words

that got me here in the first place

stuck writing for her.

She appreciates the strong oak

centered in the garden

shading the delicate beauties.

Her truths,

always be honest and kind

to your whole-self inside.

Accept and learn

the places where you belong.

The girl and her charms,

occur naturally,

killing and crushing time.

I guess it’s safe

to return to her side.

It’s just, every time

I look in her eyes

I get all caught up

giving my emotion a voice.

If I truly whisper and place

the ancient words

perfectly through her center

my rough chin, her ear

my gripping fists

will trip her.

The walls will crumble away.

She’ll fall face forward,

with that,

weightless floating feeling

she craves so much

long before

she accidentally

handed over

those photographs.


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