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Color Code

Brilliant blindness

I can’t help myself

seeing the color code.

Touching someone

there is this full spectrum

red and orange

the full moon colors

a love drawn aching

I’ll wait until

forever fades.

Yellow and green

don’t bring

my envy up.

I’m just jealous

I know

I always have been

I can’t seem

to share is all.

The color wheel

blue and indigo

there’s always hope

I’ll learn to swim

here on my own.


and there she is

the favorite girl,

and even if,

she’s just an idea

stuck in my head

there’s no way

she can see

this color wheel.

At least I can admit

I’m blind though

handing over a rainbow

that has no use

take care of it though.

Whatever it is

you’ll need it

to brighten up

your world.

I truly

wish you

the best


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