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A thousand other sides

I thought I smelled her perfume

high atop the Sunset Lounge.

I swear inside

she’s my delusion

a quick glance around the room

still no sign of her.

The sun sits threatening

with it’s a breathtaking look

across an uninterrupted horizon

finally set to concede

to the handsome darkness.

Words and my phone

from this side at least

I can tell

the hours are counting

time clearly means

entirety something else.

Sitting here busy mirroring

words of when I think of her

the sun’s light blinds

the room sits flooded

in a warm orange glow.

Her silhouette alight

the color mood has shifted

I hand her

a dry glass of wine.

Delicate, are her tiny sips

the little things

can be easily missed.

Today marks a first

the start of the four seasons

the air has already changed

I’ve begun to memorize her

from an ancient

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