Trust Beauty

She has always been so handsome,

impure in some respects

being this beautiful.

The girl and her magic charms

caught in her web of love

her long eye lashes, sexy

and it’s easy lying with her

in her newly decorated room

where it smells like fresh-cut flowers.

On elbows, looking into eyes

the girl undresses the mood

she inches closer to ask,

do you want to kiss and remember?

Colorful ringlets,

she whispers her favorite song

those words dance around the room

softly spinning from vertigo.

Lips lightly trace, never really touching

just sharing the one same breath

there’s a hint of berry lipgloss and mint.

The glowing sun

cuts through her glowing room,

beautiful you, she says looking up.

A scent of lavender,

she’s partially in love

with her feel good spirited love

she wants to learn

to give more of herself.

Rolling in the twisted sheets

the sun dips and the room goes dark.

She lights a series of candles,

and then waits for the wax

to catch up to her mood.

Tiny opulence seems easy and relaxed,

lying shoulder to shoulder

outstretched and tied to the corners

the girl swears she’s a sweet treasure

as long as you can trust her.

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