A Girl and An Envelope

This was her hour

sitting and waiting high above the others.

The girl was given her instructions,

but still she was so heavily torn.

Nothing had ever come easy,

all that He instructed

was to comfortably kneel and wait.

Sensitive to please, she loved this path

she turned to listen for Him

making sure eyes and palms

were properly down.

she pressed her tiny body on the spot,

that was until, she got all distracted

by a sweet smelling letter on His desk.

Does she dare or was that her test?

The corner of this envelope

one could tell

had been doused in perfume

the girl found herself overwhelmed.

Eyes couldn’t stand the torture anymore

just one tiny glance couldn’t hurt,

she touched the envelope

and when it fell, she flinched.

she knelt there staring at it

it was obviously not hers

her face and chest began to burn.

With a quick flick of the wrist

that damn envelope was returned,

this was her test.

she was kneeling again so perfectly still.

Her heart sank thinking

what if He’d seen her mistake.

That envelope sat mocking her

and she knelt there with an ache

her shoulders weighed heavily now.

The disappointment in moving an inch,

forgetting, she chose to be the girl.

she was more disciplined than this,

she hated weakness,

she cursed her thorn.

He entered their room,

tipped her chin

eyes faced forward,

just not at Him.

she knew if her eyes

were to look into His

the room would spin

and words would get all messy.

He turned to her

with this poetic kind of whisper

in her hand He placed

the perfumed envelope.

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