Perfectly Balanced Girl

Words sit strangled,

choked by two sets of thoughts,

here she sits separate, but equal.

Some words come from us,

our handsome stranger,

unwavering in truth and kindness

unless there is a lie

that needs to be told.

We give perhaps

more than what was initially bargained.

There is this whole other side,

where she turns into something

all together unbelievable

and it’s pretty to watch I suppose.

In a sense she is desired

having been blessed with her looks.

It’s a dangerous game to behold

heads turn when she arrives or exits,

it’s hard to keep attention focused.

One initially feels lucky,

having held this amazing prize,

people are not our possessions

to be counted and stacked in a line.

Just as equally and

just as blindly

this seemingly perfectly balanced girl,

can turn into something,

sometimes it’s hard to watch

the world spin around her,

still though, she has no idea

just how much I love her.

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