3am Girl Again

The smallest target
through a keyhole
I can just barely see her
it’s all I get
her distorted figure
undressing in the moment.
It’s impossible really
to act like I love her,
she can see straight through me
and my squinted looks.
I can’t help but
disapprove of the girl,
who has always had this way with me.
Still, I pretend to listen
it’s the only way
I can filter my intentions.
Stronger, still I grow this way
she’s threatening to die alone
wanting to get my attention
begging me to beg
so I left her voice message alone
I’ll listen to her later
once the night has all but settled.
My 3am girl,
I’ll call her instead,
she’s never too tired
to pick up
right where we left off.
I’ll let her
take control
taking my pulse from behind.
She squeezes into the smallest spaces
I can’t help but stare
locked looking squarely down.
My 3am girl
has the perfect
I can’t say the word
that other word
for a feline.

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