Birthday Card and Letter

There is no more room
for birthday cards from you.
Deny truth to be a liar
there was never enough room
for good words on paper.
I’m not sure why
I needed to be told today
about these skipped over years,
years that have been kind.
Time has been kept quiet,
dutifully, as if
sharing a birthday card and letter
was my wish at all.
The hurt in you
is a wide open chasm
a beautiful book to read
during these long summer evenings.
If I had taken the time
to actually write a birthday card
I’d say something like,
…I wish you and yours the best.
With an outstretched hand
void of love
or those sentimental drawings.
I wonder if,
you have any idea
just how misguided
your denial to them
actually was,
while being totally truthful
with me.

3 responses to “Birthday Card and Letter”

  1. She knew there was no room for her. The sincerity of words written in shattered emotion, fragile lines.
    Waiting for the day to add another memory drawn, penned too join the others. Letters, cards laid to rest in a box, waiting. Becoming brittle with
    each passing year, waiting.
    Life moved on as did time, still;
    the box waited. So like her heart,
    bound secretly one warm summer nights.
    She now in solitude gazes upon
    dusks violet light, there was her peace.


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