Night Swimming

A grown man’s shadow
stands alongside her
the lucky girl sings to celebrate
quietly to herself
she turns to her sensitive side
and thinks
about the person who loves her most.
Inside a set of pretty words
these are the undulating poems
a forgotten language of course
that somehow wrap around her
holding tightly to her swaying hips,
while everyone else
can only stare.
The heavy bass sounds
coming from
the surf line rhythm
every other beat thumps hard
he prefers to be alongside her.
Her and that smile,
void of any words
the coastal fire burns
against these nightly bonfires
they spend hours in them.
Sparks beg to rise
released up into that night sky
pinpoints and her perfect kisses
she tiptoes and pulls him down.
Centered and focused
whispers are placed hard
at the point where water recedes
waves pillow on top of each other.
Bare feet make their marks
silhouette of lines
she draws in the sand
from shoulders and hips
she slips from all clothing
wading in the summer surf.
She begs for company,
but quite honestly,
the darkened water feels
all too dangerous.
She dives just underneath
her mermaid-like moves,
hips break the surface
she floats there all still
the hours of body sculpting
are showing.
Buoyant love making,
she swears and promises,
hands are allowed to explore
her warm curves
night swimming
until morning.

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