I wonder if

you’ll truly laugh,

like how you did

when you were barefoot

walking on our muddied path.

Are you that same silly girl

that could remember

a thousand words

and then recite them

in no time flat.

I ask this of you

simply because

I’m starting to forget

just how and why exactly

I ever fell in love.


you had one of your days

and I don’t mind,


I wish you could

find a way

to include me.

Imagine if,

I shunned you

or pretended to use

a make believe name.

Would you still

chase me

across a crowded room?

I say to you

pick your own

flower today

and start to count

by plucking each of its petals,

“Do you love him?

Or do you not?”

That’s what

Love is…

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