Grace’s Ruined Dress

Free verse words
this particular girl prefers
the words to be all about her.
Exclusively hers,
I’ve promised to push others away
I’m sure they’ll understand
Grace and her sensitive charms,
she begs and then jumps
and in that instant
the girl of my dreams fades.
I call for her
to come back and finish,
just echoes I fear.
Standing there on the edge
there’s one thing left to do
she expects me to follow
do I really have a choice?
If I truly love her
I’d lean forward.
For God’s sakes Grace
this better work.
I hope this plan of hers
actually has a part
for both of us.

There’s probably nothing
I wouldn’t do for her
after all, I’m free falling
chasing her temptations
she’s beautiful and
ugly in the same voice.
I think I see her
body twisted and frozen
it’s not too late
to wake up and stop all this,
I keep my focus still
and aim for her body.

A hard landing
Grace lets out a laugh,
“You actually jumped!”
Not that I had any other real choice,
still, she didn’t see me jumping?
I have something to confess,
Grace of mine,
I’m drawn and addicted
to the red hot blooded side.
I’m drawn to time and shadows
all faithful good reason
I’m here on top of you because
you make me feel loved
in some twisted funny way.

You push me Grace,
just to see me fall down,
it’s funny to see you laughing
that embarrassing snort laugh
Grace, you’re so unbecoming,
but you’re all I’ve got
flaws and all.
I apologize for my landing,
she prefers to be on top
ruined dress and all,
she whispers,
“You’re taking me shopping
later on today.”

The girl and all her good reasons,
she jumped just because
she wanted to see
exactly where I wanted to land.
She’s happiest when
I’m right by her side
holding hands
broken wrists and all.
This girl of mine
promises she’ll love me
exclusively until the end,
just as long as I promise
I’ll keep jumping
landing squarely on her.

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