The Secret Language

The secret language

has been spoken once before,

it now appears,

there’s another

who knows this special dialect.

So here’s the payout,

the girl will push love forward

it’s all she’s ever wished for

knowing all the unspoken rules.

Unopened and undone,

this girl is powerful

with strengths and marvels

she’ll never be matched or covered.

This is her year

awestruck and marveled

she has a way back

that’s truly all her own.

In speechless wonder

the lessons unfold,

starting with eyes

noticing tiny details.

This time however,

she’s put under pressure

passing in flying colors

the girl excels.

Second lesson,

she’s the teacher

in glorious detail

outline the compliments

with a calm steady hand

she writes the lectures.

The girl and her

intellectual charms,

it’s easy to see now

why she’s traveled all this way

to grasp the language

an ancient contract

sits in her hands.

She signs and hands it back

for the first time ever

I pray she returns.

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