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Love’s Season So Why Ask

What I want

most from somebody

is to simply be loved.

Unconditional on this side

I can’t help you

figure out the puzzle

that seems so elusive.

We could walk for hours

talking about

that nonsense stuff,

just as long you promise,

you won’t push or ghost me.

All I require is

an hour of hand holding

there’s something about

how your cold hand

slowly warms in mine.

It’s our season now

I love how we are

when we connect

always in a hurry

to get things done.

I will always fall for you,

my beloved,

against these late night hours

I honestly don’t mind

tipping your chin up

lifting eyes up into eyes.

I can’t help myself

than be your lover

it’s always been

easy for us

to turn the mood

into one of our sessions.

I’ll say the words

I refuse to use

outside this season of ours,

where we kiss all over.

I know time is limited,

but all I care about,

is that I have every second

of your attention please.

I swear,

I love that I don’t have to ask,

you’re just mine,

doing all those little things

I’ve waited for

in this

our magical season.

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